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Two challenges face government authorities in providing relief to those small businesses hardest hit by the impact of COVID restrictions. One is the need to act fast. The other is to make sure the money goes to the right people.

Those goals have not always been met. Now a major step forward is about to be taken to help those businesses nationwide that have so far failed to gain the assistance that they urgently need.

The new venture is directed at aiding those businesses that are considered to have been hardest hit by the pandemic. They are situated in underserved…

SeaWorld CEO Marc Swanson (Pictured Left) and Scott Ross SeaWorld Chairman and Founder and Managing Partner of Hill Path Capital (Pictured Right)

On May 6, 2021, SeaWorld Entertainment announced the appointment of Marc Swanson as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and Elizabeth Castro Gulacsy as Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) and Treasurer. Swanson was named CEO following his 20-year tenure with the company and after previously serving as Interim CEO. Gulacsy was named CFO and Treasurer after working with the company for eight years. In addition to this previous assignment, Gulacsy will also draw on the experience she built in her term as interim CFO and Treasurer.

SeaWorld Entertainment is a leading theme park and entertainment company focused on “providing experiences that matter” and…


Another name known for nuclear energy is atomic energy. It is the energy associated with the atoms or nucleus of an element. Nuclear energy is released in considerable amounts during several processes such as nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. The method of release of nuclear energy often takes place in huge devices called reactors.

Nuclear energy also contains electromagnetic radiations such as alpha, beta, and gamma rays. In today’s era, nuclear energy is already in great use, and its demand will surely amplify in the future or the upcoming years.

Here are five reasons why the nuclear energy demand will…

Having been a Utility Warehouse (UW) customer for six months now, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the company’s customer support and efficiency. From the get-go, it’s been great to work with a multiservice provider that can take care of my home services while offering additional discounts and customer bonuses.

UW offers three bundles that combine different home services. I went for The Everything One, which includes gas, electricity, mobile, broadband, and landline in one great value monthly deal. While you only need to sign up for as many services as you need, UW offers more rewards for every service you…

GameStop is a company that had been trading at a low price on the stock market, but things have been going great for this company over the last few weeks. Recently, CNBC’s Jim Crammer did a quick show about why GameStop investors should take the money and run when it comes to this ‘short squeeze’ with GameStop. Jim Crammer is the host of “Mad Money,” and he gives his expert advice when it comes to trading, stocks, bonds, ETFs and REITS. Cramer gives a brief recap of the events that led to the GameStop phenomenon.

A Short Sell Review

Hedge fund traders are the…

Bryan Tayefeh Secrets of Success
Bryan Tayefeh Secrets of Success

It is difficult to even count the number of hats Bryan Tayefeh wears every single day. He is a full-time scientist and innovator with Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., entrepreneur, personal trainer, founder and owner of Tayefeh Fitness, an extreme sports enthusiast, husband, hands-on father of toddler twins, and family man.

Tayefeh takes to heart advice given in the book “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk who advises entrepreneurs to work hard. To Tayefeh, this means working “16 hours a day every day…if it’s a passion, it won’t seem like work.” Even if it takes years to achieve the ultimate goal, Tayefeh believes…

As a leader, you’ll be interested in learning more about how you can improve the employees’ productivity at the workplace while also saving time.

Below are tips on how leaders can improve the productivity of the employees at the workplace effectively:

1. Do Not Hesitate to Delegate

Such a tip is obvious, which means it may be ignored by many. The only issue is that it is hard to implement such tips. As a leader, you should be conversant with the occurrences in your company. Although it is important to prioritize quality, you can delegate different duties instead of checking everything personally. …

According to the Pew Research Center, about 35 percent of today’s American workforce is of the millennial generation — those between the ages of about 23 and 38. That makes it the largest generation drawing a paycheck today. No wonder the business world is discussing the unique habits that this large chunk of the population brings to the workplace.

There’s been plenty said about how baby boomers prefer their private offices while their younger co-workers can congregate together on couches and shared tables in open spaces. …

Ride-hailing apps such as Uber Technologies as well as Lyft Inc. are supposed to change the car ownership industry by incorporating better transportation services including shared ownership. According to industry experts who attended a conference in Toronto on Wednesday, ride-hailing apps are set to play a critical role in the test for safety automation. As such, the user’s phone will be their cars. Haddad, who is the CEO of a ride-hailing service provider, added that although car sales have recently been higher globally, many individuals are currently realizing the benefits of car sharing because personal car payments are becoming expensive…

AJM Packaging COVID-19 response
AJM Packaging COVID-19 response

As the pandemic stretches on, company leaders step up to provide stability, guidance, and support for employees and their community.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact US residents’ health, education, employment, and finances, some companies and organizations are coming together to support local communities through these unprecedented times. One company that has led the charge in setting a standard for COVID-19 response is AJM Packaging. AJM Packaging, headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, MI, is a US-based, family-run company that has been an active employer in Michigan since its founding in 1957. The paper product manufacturer still operates its original Detroit location, and has kept all its facilities within the United States. …

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