AJM Packaging Setting the Standard for COVID-19 Response

AJM Packaging COVID-19 response

As the pandemic stretches on, company leaders step up to provide stability, guidance, and support for employees and their community.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact US residents’ health, education, employment, and finances, some companies and organizations are coming together to support local communities through these unprecedented times. One company that has led the charge in setting a standard for COVID-19 response is AJM Packaging. AJM Packaging, headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, MI, is a US-based, family-run company that has been an active employer in Michigan since its founding in 1957. The paper product manufacturer still operates its original Detroit location, and has kept all its facilities within the United States. The company has operations in Taylor, Southgate, and Detroit, MI, and has manufacturing locations in five other states as well, currently employing nearly 3,000 workers.

Maintaining Consistency for Consumers and Stepping Up for Employees

AJM saw increased demand as consumers turned to eating more meals at home and using convenient and disposable products. In response to the increased demand for paper products, AJM chose to open up more opportunities in their plants to provide for their customers.

Staying Safe While Hiring

To keep up with increasing demand, AJM Packaging announced that they were hiring for over 200 jobs. Despite the hurdles imposed by the pandemic, the company prioritized the health of their interviewers and potential candidates during the hiring process by adhering strictly to U.S. health officials’ recommendations.

Giving Back to Healthcare Workers

In addition to keeping up with product orders and strong safety standards for their employees, AJM Packaging has made it a priority to aid healthcare personnel however they can. AJM has donated more than 1 million paper bags to Detroit-area hospitals that have been using bags to store personal protective equipment (PPE).

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

In these unprecedented times, support is vital. As communities rally together to maintain each others’ safety and keep morale up, we look towards the leaders that emerge in these times of crisis. AJM Packaging has not only shown their commitment to their customers and their employees, but have established themselves as a compassionate force that goes beyond their own communities. AJM continues to serve Michigan and the United States as more than a company — they set an example for how businesses can rise up and how we can take care of one another.

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