Entrepreneur and Scientist Bryan Tayefeh Shares the Secrets to His Success

It is difficult to even count the number of hats Bryan Tayefeh wears every single day. He is a full-time scientist and innovator with Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., entrepreneur, personal trainer, founder and owner of Tayefeh Fitness, an extreme sports enthusiast, husband, hands-on father of toddler twins, and family man.

Tayefeh takes to heart advice given in the book “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk who advises entrepreneurs to work hard. To Tayefeh, this means working “16 hours a day every day…if it’s a passion, it won’t seem like work.” Even if it takes years to achieve the ultimate goal, Tayefeh believes that with patience and adaptability, a person who stays focused, is diligent, and is good at what he or she does, success is guaranteed. Bryan Tayefeh has a track-record to prove his theory is sound.

How Tayefeh Plans Each Day

Tayefeh takes a scientific approach to methodically planning his day. Every morning, Bryan makes a written schedule of his daily activities, which he shares with his wife. This helps them both plan for times for themselves, plan on who watches the kids, and lets them each “manage work, family life, and our personal time to ensure we both get a better balance of all three.”

He states that, in his experience, “preparation bodes well for productivity. With your day mapped out, you’re more likely to complete all your tasks.” This does not mean there will not be “hiccups” from time to time and the schedule will get derailed, but this is just part of life. He works through these “twists and turns” and eventually gets back to his plan.

His daily calendar includes his work at Ionis, his work for Tayefeh Fitness, his schedule for his sports activities, and his parenting calendar. Although he works hard, he also knows how to set boundaries and is aware of his personal limits. He does not over commit and knows when to take personal breaks. He makes sure he finds a healthy balance.

Planning ahead also makes it possible for Bryan to be sure he gets time to work on the things that are just for him. This means that he devotes time to his own physical fitness every day. He ends his day by doing some type of cardio every evening.

A Typical Day at Work for Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Bryan Tayefeh developed his interest in RNA therapeutics while pursuing his undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado. Soon after graduation, he joined Ionis Pharmaceuticals as a scientist working with a team on pharmacokinetics. His focus has always been on discovering solutions to help cure sick people.

In 2013, he because the Director of Alliance Management and Business Development for Ionis, a position that he is involved in full-time. He negotiates partnerships and discovers new and advanced technologies that contribute to his goal of alleviating illnesses.

A Typical Day with Bryan and Tayefeh Fitness

Tayefeh believes physical health is as important as a person’s mental well-being. He began by working on himself and improving his own physique. Family members and friends observed the changes in his appearance. He went from a skinny guy to one whose body attracted attention when he was in his tank top and board shorts. They asked him for the secret to his success.

He offered those who asked for it his work-out plan and dietary tips. They needed more. It was not enough just to tell them to do certain exercises, they needed to work out with him, so he could talk them through the exercises, the meal plans, the supplements, and more.

After Bryan saw how much progress his friends made with his personal coaching and their offers to pay him for his help, he realized he did have something beneficial to offer others. Thus, his “personal training business came to life.”

Word-of-mouth was an excellent way of developing his business. He said his goal was to target local customers and to focus on those who could afford “higher-end personal training.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed some of the ways Bryan conducts his daily personal training business. Gyms closed, or being open with multiple restrictions, have made it difficult or impossible to continue in-person training sessions. He adapted by creating at-home training programs and virtual online coaching. He now spends part of his day checking in with clients via Zoom to check on progress and make any necessary changes to their personal programs.

Running this “side business” is something he is passionate about. He says, “I spend my day answering to a boss/company and an evening focused on kids and their schedules so having something of my own to run is exciting.” He likes being the decision-maker about something he is so passionate about. It is a bonus that he can feel so good about something all the while “creating extra income.”

Bryan Tayefeh’s “Give-Away” Idea

In addition to personal training, Bryan is also inspired by vegetarianism and veganism and is enthusiastic about the plant-based protein options that are available. As a scientist and bodybuilder, he knows that protein is important for his diet. Although not himself a vegan, he recognizes the negative impacts of meat consumption on the body and on the environment. He is a strong proponent of sustainability and clean eating.

Bryan has a business idea he is giving away. He hopes someone creates a meal delivery service designed specifically for bodybuilding. He points out that a “weight loss” diet or “healthy” diet cannot be the same diet for all people no matter what they weigh or what their body-building goals are.

He believes that a meal delivery plan customized to each person’s dietary needs and weight goals, taking into consideration their age, sex, and body size, that provided healthy, tasty food, would be a “game-changer in the fitness world.” It would help people stay on track with the right nutrition plan customized for them while eliminating the need to get bogged down in planning and preparing their own meals.

Other Daily Events for Bryan Tayefeh

Tayefeh and his wife Alicia are parents to 3-year-old twin sons. The couple shares parental responsibilities, and a typical day may find Bryan doing daycare pick up or drop off. The family loves adventure travel and particularly loves Hawaii.

Bryan finds time for his favorite activities and is as comfortable on a snowboard tackling the slopes as he is on a surfboard riding the waves. Free-diving is one of his passions as is underwater photography. He also makes time for motorcycle riding.

Bryan Tayefeh’s Simple Advice

If you get an idea for a service or product, Tayefeh suggests you allow for creative time and space, so the idea can develop. Set a clear goal of what you expect the idea will achieve for you. Be patient. Be realistic, but that does not mean you cannot dream big. Develop short-term and long-term goals.

Stay focused and use your time wisely. Hire people to do the tasks for which you are not an expert, such as logo development and technological expertise. Commit yourself 100 percent to achieving your goal.




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