Luke Lazarus Weighs In: Top Marketing Trends for 2020

  • 1. Business Plans — for any startup, launching or restructuring a new product starts with defining the vision, limitations and financial models. The key to a winning business plan is outlining a product story that can be told very simply to investors, to partners, to employees and customers. “If your product or brand is synonymous with its story, you’ve set the foundation for success,” says Lazarus. Keeping the story simple and flexible allows for growth inside business plans, and Lazarus’ clients can attest to his unique ability to quickly pinpoint the heart of a winning brand or product story.
  • 2. Investor Presentations — Lazarus has taken his consultancy to the boardroom for dozens of startup clients, identifying the needs for financial support and linking those needs to compelling, personal brand stories that resonate with these early audiences. With millions of dollars in startup seed money gained through investor presentations in his tenure in consultancy, Luke Lazarus is a proven asset, developing the perfect blend of industry savvy with easy-to-understand, relatable storytelling.
  • 3. Market Research Insights — Lazarus helps his clients by identifying segmented markets and customer influence points before launching, citing his strengths on the ever-growing presence of eCommerce as it relates to scalable business models. Using specific primary and secondary research models, Lazarus can help startups to establish buyer personas and analyze the competition.
  • 4. Go-to-Market Plans — compiling a coordinated and cost-effective strategy for taking a product or service to market requires a thorough outline for organized sales and marketing programs. Lazarus helps his clients by setting timelines and budgets, outlining the project lifecycle from conception to market strategy.
  • 5. Financial Projections — projecting profitability and monitoring the management of cash flow throughout a project is a key component to a startup’s success. Aligning these metrics with the visions outlined in your initial plans ensures consistency and transparency while giving leaders and investors a clear picture of future success.
  • 6. Operational Improvement — Lazarus’ own tenure at the helm of multiple startups make him uniquely qualified to assess and diagnose issues centered around business development. By prioritizing these issues and offering key metrics to progress, Lazarus helps startups thrive in new directions, positioning for growth and stability.

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The latest in business news and advice so you never lose interest.

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