My Job at Chicago’s Beal Properties Impacts Hundreds of Lives

With a seemingly lifelong interest in real estate and customer service, I recognized my professional destiny early within my employment journey. Post-matriculation, I relocated to Chicago, and gleefully accepted an entry-level position at Beal Properties. Seven years later, I’ve entered into a customer-facing Management role. With ongoing support and empowerment from the leading property management company, I’ve excelled professionally in growing ways. What I didn’t anticipate, however, was the tremendous and direct impact that my professional endeavors would have on the local community.

Many of my professional responsibilities directly impact daily outcomes for countless residents, helping them alleviate very real concerns, and championing the maintenance of a happy home experience. My dedication to reaching out to proactive tenants swiftly ensures that they receive a hospitable apartment search experience, and can consider a Beal Properties apartment within their respective search. Through various community outreach incentives offered by Beal Properties, I also facilitate funding and philanthropic efforts that give back to the local community in profound ways. For me, Administrative Property Manager at Beal Properties isn’t just a job. It’s a comprehensive professional commitment to bettering the lives of countless individuals in Chicago.

Investing In Employees

My own professional growth story is a testament to Beal Properties’ commitment to investing in the future of team members. Swiftly after joining the team, I realized that the company cares deeply about enhancing the skills and competencies of team members. For those who seek growth opportunities, and want to enhance their breadth of knowledge, Beal Properties offers support, training, and opportunity.

From my first day on the job, Management has been incredibly supportive, helpful, and genuinely interested in my success. In the same vein, as a current Management-level employee, I relay a similar approach to my coworkers and peers. This supportive environment is ripe for training, education, and professional evolution. Since inception, many of Beal’s entry-level employees have successfully transitioned into leadership positions.

Not only did Beal Properties’ corporate culture allow me to move up the ranks within the company, it prepared me to successfully handle the tasks ahead. After each promotion that I have received, I was armed with the tools for success, and the support to transition swiftly into new roles. This undoubtedly had a profound effect on tenants, as I was able to immediately provide proficient services, rather than having to undergo an extensive learning period, potentially at their expense.

Servicing Tenants

When Beal Properties launched over 30 years ago, the company’s founding mission statement was to provide unprecedented tenant services, and ensure a streamlined, positive, and effective outcome for all tenant relations. While the tools for accomplishing these goals may have changed, the commitment to serving tenants has remained unwavering. During my time with the company, I’ve swiftly recognized Beal’s commitment to evolving practices, and implementing technology to meet the evolving needs of prospective, current, and even former tenants. These tools allow dedicated team members, like myself, to efficiently manage tenant correspondence, and provide legendary tenant service.

As a leading property management company, Beal Properties continues to implement new customer-facing and back-end technologies to streamline processes. Since the early mainstreaming of the internet, Beal Properties has worked to establish a useful online presence. As technology capability evolved, the company jumped on board to implement newly launched tools to aid tenants.

For prospective tenants, servicing tools include the ability to inquire about a particular property online, and to view floorplans, photos, and layouts of each property quickly across multiple platforms. In the wake of evolving restrictions due to COVID-19, I regularly tout Beal’s commitment to creating video walk-throughs of apartments as changing the outcome for various prospective tenants. With limited availability for in-person tours and face-to-face communication, I’ve relied on video walk-throughs and digital content to provide prospective tenants with the same experience they would garner in person.

For employees, Beal Properties supplies team members with the technology needed to streamline operations, enhance practices, and maximize positive outcomes. This includes various inter-office platforms to enable communication, record keeping technologies, and other useful tools. As a team member who regularly juggles multiple projects simultaneously, I find myself constantly relying on organizational tools and technologies to ensure that I don’t miss a beat. Helpful technologies allow me to keep track of tenants, prospective contacts, and outreach and communication logs. These tools not only allow me to do my job effectively, but increase my ability to leverage technology to secure the best outcomes for the sake of tenants.

Investing In The Community

As a fellow Chicago resident, and a member of the community in which I work, I quickly became engrossed in Beal Properties’ philanthropic ventures. These charitable opportunities started off as grassroots efforts to directly benefit local residents in need. Over time, as employee interest and commitment continued to grow, this ongoing incentive was formalized by Beal Properties via the designation of a Giving Team. This bespoke sector is composed of volunteer employees, and dedicated to overseeing the company’s charitable giving.

By allowing committed employees to research notable local foundations, and direct charitable endeavors, Beal Properties involves employees in this important facet of the company. Being on the Giving Team has been a meaningful experience, and has allowed me to utilize my organizational skills to maximize fundraising efforts that directly impact local residents through localized organizations.

To date, Beal Properties’ Giving Team has supported organizations like Chicago Hopes For Kids, The Greater Chicago Food Depository, and the Highland Park Community Foundation. Through direct giving, physical volunteer opportunities, and outreach efforts, my involvement with the Giving Team undoubtedly lends support to the most vulnerable, underrepresented, and otherwise underserved Chicagoland residents. I’m incredibly proud of working for a company that not only cares about community outreach, but allows employees to direct this outreach.

Final Thoughts

When I imagined my future career in the real estate and customer service industry, I always envisioned multi-tasking, spearheading various projects, and working alongside tenants to ensure successful experiences. I relished the idea of being able to assist others with such monumental decisions as relocating, and valued my ability to make tenants feel confident in their choices. Even so, I never could have imagined that my professional endeavors would regularly impact others in such a profound way. With full support and encouragement from my employer, Beal Properties, I have leveraged my career to be personally meaningful, professionally rewarding, and most importantly, able to positively impact others.

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