The Issue With Facial Recognition And Privacy

The first amendment and the fourth amendment of the constitution of the United States ensures the people that they will be given equal rights. However, many are complaining that these rights are slowly being taken away from them. Most Americans will point out that the surveillance cameras are the reason why nothing stays private today.

Understanding the current situation in the United States today

Fifty million cameras are installed all over the country, and it is required by the government to promote security. However, what really happens when the number of surveillance cameras are increased? It results to a totalitarian type of government that knows every detail about you. This is what most Americans are mad about, and they do not want to be constantly put into surveillance.

The issue begins to happen

The issue with the surveillance cameras happened after the racial biases started to show up, with the police claiming that people who are related to a specific race are more prone in doing crimes based from the data that they received.

The blacks, Latinos, and all other races in the United States except for the whites have stated that the government should do something about the people who are being mistaken by the camera that they have deployed all over the country.

The political spectrum in the United States gave their own insights about the reaction of the people about the growing surveillance problem, and they advised them that they need to be vigilant about what is going on with the country. Governments began their practice of surveillance when the first CCTV cameras were introduced. The advancement in technology led to the proliferation of more cameras, and the government installed a lot them in different strategic places to monitor the people.

On the other hand, private businesses also started investing in these cameras because it helped with their security. What happened next was the development of the booming CCTV industry. In the present, every corner of the United States is being monitored by the camera, and more advanced systems have been able to detect the faces of those who are appearing on the footages.

What are the advantages of installing a CCTV?

Installing a surveillance camera, especially for businesses, is important for the business because it makes it more secure. Business owners are installing it to prevent the criminals from conducting illegal activities. Robbers and thieves are the ones that are mostly caught by the CCTV, and it becomes easier for the police to catch them with the help of the camera.

CCTV is also used to solve other types of crimes. Drug dealing, murder, rape, and other petty crimes. It makes the job of the investigators easier because they will be able to find out who the culprit without thinking deeply because the evidence is right at the table.

The CCTV camera also captures scenes that are extraordinary, and it helps us witness these events. One of the most significant events that happened in the recent years would be the capture of a footage showing how the meteor in Chelyabinsk, Russia fell. It was a spectacle to behold, and it would not be possible to see this event without the CCTV cameras capturing it.

For those who are earning money through social media platforms like YouTube, getting an extraordinary CCTV footage would make it go viral overnight, translating to huge earnings. Many CCTV owners are saving these videos so that they can upload it later. The more unusual a video is, the bigger the possibility for it to go viral.

When does CCTV Surveillance becomes a threat?

Critics of the CCTV are saying that it violates their rights, and they do not want the government to spy on them more often. The American government promised that there would never be a problem when they monitored the people because their privacy is protected.

Critics are claiming that the government is only telling this to pacify the public, but the truth is that they are weaponizing the tool so that they can spy on the people and know what they are doing. It will be easier for the government to track someone because of the presence of surveillance cameras everywhere. People are comparing this situation to what happened in George Orwell’s book, entitled 1984. In the book, the government acts as Big Brother, watching every move they make and eliminating anyone who becomes a threat to the government.

The critics have also added that the government of the United States love to persecute people who are becoming the voices of truth, like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. They are being surveillanced, but the government have lost track on their whereabouts. Only Julian Assange was arrested after the Ecuadorian Embassy handed him over, while Edward Snowden is still at large, being kept by organizations that wanted to protect him.

How would you know if your rights are already violated by the CCTV cameras?

You would know if your rights ae being violated if the government tries to spy on you without you knowing. CCTVs should not be installed inside the bathroom as well because it would record intimate times that you are engaging with. If you think that your rights are being violated, try to speak up and let others know about your problem. You will be surprised with the amount of support that you can get especially online to those who are airing the same sentiments.

Most of the people who are critical with the government’s surveillance program are saying that the government will do everything to get these information from the people because of national security concerns. However, this constitutes to a bigger problem because the privacy of the people is being intruded. The people could not rely on the police regarding what the government is doing, and so they have to band together and become a support group of one another. By listening to the complaints of others, it will be easier for the critics to launch attacks against the government, and protest what they believe should be done regarding the rising issues with surveillance cameras.

What is the worst case scenario of the surveillance issue in the United States?

The worst thing that can happen in the United States would be a widespread revolution of the people who are demanding for their privacy to be respected. A government that does not listen to the woes of its people do not deserve to be called a government.

If the people wanted less surveillance, they should follow what they wanted because the United States is a democracy and not a totalitarian state. The problem with surveillance in the Land of the Free continues to become more serious, as the face detection technology is becoming more advanced, but sometimes, erroneous information is being fed to the police that leads to the arrest of individuals who are innocent. The government should fix the face detection issue because it can be a problem for the justice to be served to the victims of crime. Without proper face detection technology, there will still be people who will end up being tagged to crimes that they never did, and it can result to a failing judicial branch of government if the innocent is punished for something that they never did.

The future of a monitored United States

The government is firm with their decision — surveillance is here to stay, and they will never remove it because the advantages weigh more than the disadvantages. Without surveillance, people will be more enticed to do crimes, and the police believe that the number of crimes in the country will soar if they will stop their surveillance. The police is asking the people to understand that they are just doing their jobs to make the country safer.

It is true that surveillance is not that bad because it solved a lot of crimes in the past, but the government should also respect the privacy of the citizens. They should be transparent in all the operations that they are conducting and explain to the people that they are only doing it to protect them and to solve crimes. They should also improve the face detection technology for more accurate arrests and to prevent the innocents to be pinned down. Overall, the government will continue to monitor the people and the streets to make sure that America is safe.

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