The Most Hated Companies In The World

People all over the world are starting to realize the downfalls that come with the information age that we live in. Our information and our lives are no longer private with the various number of companies who are constantly trying to gather data about their customers. The public sentiments are now not in favor of big tech companies and more people have a negative view of these institutions and the work that they are doing. Things, however, are all set to change as more people raise their voice against these issues and these actions that big tech companies are now partaking in. Nevertheless, there are a few companies that are absolutely despised by people across the world, causing people to boycott their products and services, and forcing these companies into a position wherein they have to improve their operations.


One of the biggest companies that people are now starting to detest owing to the lack of privacy and misuse of information is Facebook. The company is known for burying and being a part of numerous scandals owing to the massive volume of information that they have access to. This is a company that has information about most of the people who use the internet and have been known to use this information in a negative manner. The company has also had to pay massive fines and sanctions owing to the privacy violations that they have been under. The company was also a major figure in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which also caused the company to have to face an extremely large fine as a result of it.

Bayer and Monsanto

Bayer and Monsanto have been two companies within the pharmaceutical and bioengineering industry that have been experiencing a large amount of backlash as a result of some of the activities that these two companies have been partaking in. The companies have now garnered a negative reputation for the numerous amount of lawsuits that have been filed against the two giants for the wrongful activities that they have committed. One of the biggest reasons why these two companies faced an incredible amount of hate from people all over the world is because of the negative impact that their products had. One of the products that the company was known for selling was a pesticide which is known to cause cancer in those who use it. This led to people all over the world protesting against these two companies, shedding more light on the atrocities that were being committed as a result of the sale of their products.


Tech companies have been at the center of several controversies over the past few months, and Google is one of the companies that hasn’t had a completely clean portfolio. Over the past few months, the company has been a part of numerous scandals and corruption scams that have changed the opinion that people have about the company. Google is deemed to be a part of the ‘Gang of Four’. The ‘Gang of Four’ is a term that is used to denote the collaboration between Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. There has been enough evidence to point towards the fact that these four companies are mainly responsible for the immense amount of privacy leaks that have been taking place. Google has been a big part of these scandals owning to the large role that they have been playing in offering the information of people to political organizations for their own personal gain. The moment word got out about this, people all over the world started to despise the company and tried to seek alternatives for the search engine. Another scandal that the company was recently a part of was one that concerned sexual misconduct at the company. The company tried to cover up several instances wherein individuals at higher up positions were engaging in sexual misconduct within the company, causing women to feel incredibly unsafe with the company. This was something that led to widespread outrage and caused people to question the ethics that are in play at the company.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has always been one of the most notable plans when it comes to baby care products. The company is one of the biggest players in the drug industry within the United States and is one that has made an incredible impact on the industry as a whole. The company has been faced numerous controversies over the years, but during the past two, have experienced some of the biggest controversies that the company has seen. One of the biggest controversies that the company faced was owning to the fact that independent research found traces of several well-known carcinogens in the baby powder that the company has had. In fact, the research speculated that the company has been doing this since the seventies and has been offering products that are potentially harmful to children. This resulted in the company having to face several lawsuits as a result of their products. The company decided to uphold the fact that their products were completely non-toxic and had no carcinogens in their products. The findings of the study as well as the lawsuit were however enough for the company to experience an incredible amount of public outrage. People all over the world started to boycott the products made by Johnson & Johnson and started to find alternatives to the products that they were using.

JP Morgan

The banking industry is not always perceived in the best light. In fact, the general perception that people tend to have about this industry is that they are an industry that only cares about their own profits, and commits a number of atrocities in order to reach their goal. While not all banks fall into those categories, the acts of a few companies are enough to taint the image of the entire industry. JP Morgan is one of the companies that stands in a negative light owning to the numerous actions that they have committed over the past few years. The company has grown to become one of the largest financial institutions over the years, and this popularity has caused the company to face an incredible number of investigations. The investigations have, however, in some instances revealed a certain amount of misdemeanors and actions that the company should not have committed, and this knowledge caused the public to be outraged by the company. The company has had to face a number of lawsuits as a result of it and has had to face an incredible amount of backlash owing to the numerous actions that they have committed over the years. The company has also had to pay a significant number of fines as a result of the lawsuits that they have had to face, causing the public to be more outraged by them.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to these, there are several other notable names that have been experiencing backlash as a result of their actions and lawsuits that have been filed against them. Big Pharma and Big Tobacco are some of the more notable names that people tend to be against owning to the numerous atrocities that have been committed. Amazon and Nestle have also had to experience negative public perceptions owing to the controversies that they had been a part of and the scandals that have been exposed within these companies.




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