Why I signed up for Utility Warehouse’s ‘Everything’ bundle

Having been a Utility Warehouse (UW) customer for six months now, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the company’s customer support and efficiency. From the get-go, it’s been great to work with a multiservice provider that can take care of my home services while offering additional discounts and customer bonuses.

UW offers three bundles that combine different home services. I went for The Everything One, which includes gas, electricity, mobile, broadband, and landline in one great value monthly deal. While you only need to sign up for as many services as you need, UW offers more rewards for every service you take. Signing up for this bundle meant I also got £200 to cover the cost of switching providers and 10% off my broadband.

I heard about this bundle when looking for a one-stop shop to save time and money on my home services. During this research, I came across UW’s many awards and their Price Promise, which was the turning point for me. The multiservice provider guarantees that customers who take their services will save money — and, if they don’t, UW will refund double the difference. On top of this, UW offers an Energy Price Guarantee, which means their dual-fuel prices are always in line with the big six’s offerings. As a result, I should save up to £346 a year on this deal.

Since setting me up with the Everything bundle, UW has gone above and beyond to make life easier. These are some of the best things about being with UW.

Broadband and mobile savings

Though I was only shopping around for an energy deal when looking to change provider, I couldn’t turn down UW’s broadband service, which worked out cheaper than my old deal. This bundle includes a free wireless router, unlimited data, and free calls to other UW customers — with no connection charges. I was also able to tie UW’s unlimited mobile tariff into my monthly plan, which offers all-you-can-eat data, minutes, and texts.

Cashback card savings

Once I’d bought my bundle, I applied for a UW cashback debit card, which I can use to get up to 7% cashback on my shopping. It’s easy to top up my card in my online account, and I’ve already saved cash at everyday shops like Sainsbury’s, Wilko, and Boots. I’ve also used my card online with M&S and National Express. At the end of each month, UW deducts my cashback from my bill, which is always a nice saving. I’m now putting the cash I would’ve spent on my home services into a holiday fund.

Got my time back

Monetary savings aside, UW has also helped me save time. Naturally, I’ve always wanted to seek out the best-priced home services, but this takes time and has never made it to the top of my job list. This isn’t something I have to worry about now, though. Not only does UW offer low prices for a range of home services, but the company also continuously manages these services for me. And, instead of having to log into five or six accounts or call separate providers about my renewals, I now only ever need to get in touch with UW’s UK-based customer support team — meaning I have one, accessible point of contact.

Smart meter and green energy

When I took out my package, UW also offered me a free smart meter upgrade. My new smart meter automatically sends readings to UW, so I only pay for the energy I use — no more estimated readings. I can also monitor my energy usage in real-time and catch any spikes early. It’s good to know I have control over my energy bills, especially as I’ve had a couple of nightmare bills from other providers, which were much higher than expected.

I thought I’d have to wait a long time for my new smart meter because of COVID-19 but was pleasantly surprised when one of UW’s installation team came out right away. The whole process was efficient — the engineer arrived in full protective gear and even disinfected the surfaces she touched when installing my smart meter.

I was glad to make the transition to a smart meter and become greener, which was a lot less hassle than I expected. Not only does my smart meter help me manage my energy usage, but the Everything bundle also includes 100% renewable energy from solar, wind, and tidal power. And UW measures every unit of electricity its customers use and puts the same amount of renewable energy back into the grid.

UW’s sign-up process

One of the main differences between UW and other providers is that UW doesn’t advertise heavily to get new customers. Instead, the company has 45,000 Authorised Partners (independent distributors) who recommend UW to their family, friends, and others in their local communities (and earn commission for doing so). Lots of people have signed up to join the Partner network over the course of the pandemic, especially those who’ve lost their jobs or faced income cuts. I was glad to support a small, independent business when signing up to become a UW customer.

You might find a local Partner’s flyer through your door or catch a Partner at a community event. I met my Partner David on the school playground, and he arranged a remote appointment to sign me up. Dave explained that usually, Partners sign up new customers over a coffee in their home but that we’d need to use a remote system because of COVID-19. I found it easy to click through to the appointment from my emails, and Dave walked me through the information presentation from his end. I could read everything from the comfort of my kitchen — and Dave had me set up in no time. If you prefer not to use a computer or laptop, UW Partners can also sign up new customers over the phone.

Find out how UW could help with your home services, too.




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